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The Litterbox Sessions

by Cat Heaven

Scouts Honor 02:41
two thousand miles and a printed face i hung a painting of you in my mind's better days you had eyes like a cat's cradle and i felt the need to run but i don't think i'm able so lay me down in a field of screams standing proud, standing tall but trembling like a leaf spare no soul spare no life because i spared nothing i just lost my time just wanna lose myself to drink and smoke before i get too young to be old scout's honor! i keep this weather positioned on my mouth and i keep you inside don't want to let you out because it's easy to pretend not to have a hope yeah it's easier then to not get your heart broke it's the 80s do a lot of coke and vote for ronald reagan it's the 80s do a lot of coke and vote for ronald reagan just wanna lose myself to drink and smoke before i get too young to be old scout's honor!
we don't play hipster slop we play dictator rock and we just don't know how to stop and we don't really care if we don't play fair we know we have the coolest hair Chorus: And we came here to destroy the music you've come to enjoy with strict regulations on how you have fun fun fun fun we say we're DIY but that's a fucking lie no one will put our records out we will play this game chasing eternal fame like a moth to a flame chorus
If you go by the book you'll become illiterate if you don't believe me look at the life your stranded in endlessly working to justify the means to your end you've got to fight to stay alive this has led to compromise in order to save one's dreams some have followed shadowy schemes where they forgot their humility they forgot the person they were trying to be Chorus: Do you even believe any of the words that you sing? cause i find it discomforting that you conduct such symphonies well it was so exquisitely done the way you lied to everyone you made them feel so special before you had them unstrung re tuned to the sound of your own drum to fit your conclusions on how this life is won yet you are so damn convinced that nothing good could ever exist that's why you take whatever you grip that's why you feel so dissed you feel so bright a shooting star that never gets it right chrous bridge: You can't reap what you sow You can't reap what you sow You plant the poison but it won't grow You can't reap what you sow It wasn't easy to be mean it was just all you'd ever be unfortunately this was your Manifest Destiny
you think I'm shallow with a thirst for revenge why else would I put us through this you think I hadn't considered the consequence you pity me you think I am foolish well the best chapter in the worst book written lays to rest that there will be no happy endings well that's alright I won't have to read any of your words tonight Unlike the Takahē bird we won't be seen or rediscovered our songs get broadcast but they're never heard and our fate belongs to this earth well the best verse in the worst song written lays to rest that there will be no happy endings well that's alright I won't have to sing any of your songs tonight I cried our for you what a dumb thing to do
Sometimes I really miss Matt, Brent, Tom, and Dan I miss seeing those kids and I miss seeing their band but like so many do they moved to Portland and these days it's so hard to blame them but when folks like that go and stray entire scenes just go away Chrous: I still miss 2004 cause now there's just no more hardcore and I remember so clearly all those times we spent in that supposed gallery where Victor played the part of the con artist we should have known better than to deal with a man like this but sometimes you find yourself playing fiddle with the devil in order to repel the worlds evil chorus bridge at our softest we played apartments and at our loudest we rocked basements and I can show you movements that don't have age limits watch out for those cops and fire marshalls they're out to ruin all of your fun be smart, creative and clever and sing your songs for everyone
Flatspot 02:47
Well I was so sad when that I heard your rad record store was closing cause I appreciate all your efforts to sell me amazing records I will cherish those days always too bad this state is so small makes running a distro impossible cause the kids they shop at the shopping mall I guess you just can't win them all I got a flyer to a show and I am so glad I did go cause that small scene it changed everything and I know everything I do is in part because of you Seff what you did it changed everything cause you showed me how to do things and be challenging and I could do almost anything that's what DIY really means well we were young and having fun but now those days are done and I know people just like me who wholeheartedly would agree Seff what you did it changed everything and I just want to say thank you for giving us something to do on Friday nights we would go dancing No not everyone was changed some kids remained the same no we did not save the world but I'll never consider us failures
you bought me flowers from a land i've never been to we laid under tomorrow's gliding light and holdin' sun but not much anything makes any sense now when i'm searchin' for a reason to stick to my gut i don't want your mutual friends, your lost arguements i just wanna sleep in bloody sands and sing "my oh my oh my darling, i would never take your heart, never want your ring" we have got to take ourselves home while we still can we have got to take ourselves home while we still can i've got an aching stomach that doesn't want more than two shots of whiskey, than a woman i can't love i've got a ghost who lives by the sea side and we've got nothin' left of us... except fucking up in montana



Recorded 10/23/11 at Grant's House, and 10/24/11, 11/06/11, and 11/07/11 at Daenger House on a Tascam Portastudio 424 mkII. We wanted to record our songs while Ethan was still in the band. Audrey visited and now is in the band as back up vocals. Thanks to Grant, Ethan, and Audrey for being in the band. Sorry we're so sloppy, but that's more punkz...


released October 26, 2011

Grant Geiger- Drums
Tyson Ballew- Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Ethan J. Uhl- Bass, Guitar, Screamy vocals
Audrey Pennings- Vocals

Scouts Honor, In Montana by Ethan Uhl, the rest by Tyson Ballew


all rights reserved



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