Shitty Weekend Vinyl Pack!

from Tummy Rock Records

We have four copies of Shitty Weekend's debut full length LP "Shit Week." For $10 plus shipping get the record and a copy of their split 7 inch with King Elephant!

About the band:
Portland’s most smart-mouthed DIY shredders. The band shares several members with the Taxpayers, including frontdude Andrew Link, as well as PDX grindcore stalwarts Transient. Taxpayers fans will be happy to recognize some familiar goofpunx elements in “Shit Week”, including bouncy horn lines and plenty of folky arpeggios, but Shitty Weekend. doesn’t shy away from the nastier, thrashier end of the punk spectrum either. Songs like “Don’t Tell Me Don’t” and “Employee of the Month” channel the frantic hostility of ‘80s hardcore punk in furious bursts, self-destructing before the one-minute-mark as often as not. Andrew’s shrieking vocals expound on religion, government, dad rock, and 9-to-5 ambitions while distorted guitars screech and Noah wails on the drums like his life depends on it. The end result is melodic, aggressive, sarcastic, dissonant, sincere, and punk as fuck. No fucking flossing, punk rock or die.

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