Fear of a Cat Planet

by Cat Heaven

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Recorded August 11th and August 19th @ Club Shmed Studios, engineered and recorded by Ryan Maynes

Thanks to Amy McGregor, Danielle Ford, Forrest, Eric, Joey, Marty, Shmed, King Elephant, The Whoopass Girls, Sarah Millz, The Laboratory, Zoo City Apparel, ZACC, The VFW, the boys in Boys, and anyone I forgot let me know and I'll add you to this list!

Tummy Rock Records release # 38

Cover Art by Zach Burba @ dogvibrations.com


released August 30, 2012

Performed by:
Grant Geiger drums and percussion
Ethan Uhl vocals, guitar, and bass
Tyson Ballew vocals, guitar and bass

all songs by Tyson Ballew
Except (Fuckin' Up) In Montana and Senorita Gamera written by Ethan Uhl



all rights reserved


Tummy Rock Records Bellingham, Washington

Tummy Rock Records is a pop, punk, noise label with digital, CD, vinyl, and cassette releases! We hail out of Bellingham, WA and are serious ALL AGES advocates and produce a multitude of live events around our NW community including Tummy Fest!!!

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Track Name: Garden City Hardcore
Sometimes I really miss Matt, Brent, Tom, and Dan
I miss seeing those kids and I miss seeing their band
but like so many do they moved to Portland
and these days it's so hard to blame them
but when folks like that go and stray
entire scenes just go away

I still miss 2004
cause now there's just no more hardcore

and I remember so clearly
all those times we spent in that supposed gallery
where Victor played the part of the con artist
we should have known better than to deal with a man like this
but sometimes you find yourself playing fiddle with the devil
in order to repel the worlds evil


at our softest we played apartments
and at our loudest we rocked basements
and I can show you movements
that don't have age limits

watch out for those cops and fire marshals
they're out to ruin all of your fun
be smart, creative and clever
and sing your songs for everyone
Track Name: Street Legends
There won't be street legends any more
now that they've declared the class war
against derelicts the rejects and the poor
that's what they pay the police for

it's easy to pass an ordinance
to extend your privilege
don't give a damn about anyone on the street
don't bother me I'm just trying to eat

take me back to the days
before i was afraid
before i was enslaved
take me back to the times
before i stood in line
before i was ashamed

your acting savage for the kids
but you've got a mixed message
don't give a damn about anyone other than a business
don't give a damn about the poor or homeless

woah oh oh!
Track Name: (Fuckin' Up) In Montana
you bought me flowers from a land i've never been to
we laid under tomorrow's gliding light and holdin' sun
but not much anything makes any sense now
when i'm searching' for a reason to stick to my gut

i don't want your mutual friends, your lost arguments
i just wanna sleep in bloody sands and sing
"my oh my oh my darling,
i would never take your heart, never want your ring"

we have got to take ourselves home
while we still can
we have got to take ourselves home
while we still can

i've got an aching stomach that doesn't want more
than to stay in bed all day and watch mst3k
i've got a ghost who lives by the sea side
and we've got nothin' left of us...
except fucking up in montana
Track Name: Dictator Rock
this ain't no hipster slop
we play dictator rock
and we just don't know how to stop

and we don't really care
if we don't play fair
we know we have the coolest hair

And we came here to destroy
the music you've come to enjoy
with strict regulations
on how you have fun fun fun fun

we say we're DIY
but that's a fucking lie
no one will put our records out

we will play this game
chasing eternal fame
like a moth to a flame
Track Name: Sharks
Make your pithy remarks just like the other sharks
though your teeth don't bite that hard
what you really need is to see us bleed
choking on the shrapnel shards

go ahead strike your Jim Morrison pose
say the right thing wear the right clothes
but you don't know what to say, you ask me just to go away
but I will not go

And I don't see community in competing for popularity
you say your just building a bridge, just to push me off it
but I will not go
Track Name: Senorita Gamera
and like finding my gravestone
in an empty field
and like finding the devil
just to make a deal

and like carryin a camera
just to take one shot
i will stay here, and i'll sing
until you're gone

you don't have to remember me
you can just go back to sleep

and you can call me your lover
you can call me your friend
but i would be most anything
if you'll be there in the end

and you can call me a fighter
call me a pacifist
but i would do most anything
to get your voice out of my head

and like breakin every promise
that i've been fixin
and like joe don baker
appearing in this movie as mittens

i will stay and i'll sing
if you will too
and i hope that you'll stay
cause when you leave, what the fuck will i do?

so call me a lover, so call me a friend
so call me a fighter, call me a pacifist
Track Name: Flatspot
Well I was so sad
when that I heard your rad
record store was closing
cause I appreciate all your efforts
to sell me amazing records
I will cherish those days always

too bad this state is so small
makes running a distro impossible
cause the kids they shop at the shopping mall
I guess you just can't win them all

I got a flyer to a show
and I am so glad I did go
cause that small scene it changed everything
and I know everything I do is in part because of you
Seff what you did it changed everything

cause you showed me
how to do things and be challenging
and I could do almost anything
that's what DIY really means

well we were young
and having fun
but now those days are done

and I know people just like me
who wholeheartedly would agree
Seff what you did it changed everything
and I just want to say thank you
for giving us something to do
on Friday nights we would go dancing

No not everyone was changed
some kids remained the same
no we did not save the world
but I'll never consider us failures
Track Name: Dangerous Men
So quick to defend
your violent actions
use your body as a weapon

your giving protection
ample ammunition
to just blame the victim

you were your mothers son
now your just another one of those
dangerous men

It's hard to believe or even conceive this is a problem
that our sisters and daughters would have to face these dangerous men

This was no accident
your entitlement
to only disregard any consent

born only to take
manipulate and rape
and pretend like it was only a mistake

so we must condemn
these actions
that protect these dangerous men

It's hard to believe or even conceive this is a problem
that our sisters and daughters would have to face these dangerous men